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Who We Are

Hong & Fong is known for its ability to provide clients with not only legal services, but also wide-ranging commercial and industrial advice, including taxation, investment and organization. With years of experience providing quality, professional and cost effective services to business clients, the Firm strives for innovative and teamwork oriented approach to problem solving and aims to offer an integrated one-stop solution to our clients’ legal, and commercial enquiries.

Since our inception, we have established a reputation as a commercially focused firm with the expertise, experience and resources to achieve excellent results. Having received ISO certifications, Hong & Fong is one of the first few law firms in Malaysia to successfully obtain these recognition. This is testimony to our highest standard of client service and excellence in quality of legal services.

With the collective resources and full collaboration of its strategic partners, the Firm is dedicated to providing a broad range of consultancy services, including expertise in commercial, finance, engineering, information technology & intellectual property rights. This not only adds to the value of the Firm’s legal services but also satisfies our clients’ needs for multidisciplinary services.






HONG & FONG 不仅为客户提供法律服务,也提供各种范围的法律咨询,包括税务、投资及企业运作等。本事务所拥有经验丰富的律师团,为客户提供专业优质、高效率及收费合理的服务。我们坚持革新及团队合作为客户提供一站式的解决方案,竭尽所能满足客户的法律和商业咨询。

我们在业界奠定了卓著的名声,被认定为一家能结合专业经验和资源并能获得优越成果的律师事务所。HONG & FONG 是马来西亚少数成功获颁ISO 证书殊荣的律师事务所。这证明了我们为客户提供品质及卓越的法律服务,并获得专业的鉴定和认可。