Our Mission


Culture and Ethos
We speak the language of business and strongly believe that culture and ethos define who we are.
As such, we aim to:

  • Provide professional service
  • Strive for the clients’ best interest
  • Produce efficient and productive service
  • Achieve and maintain high ethical standards
  • Make a positive impact on the social community

Client Care
At Hong & Fong, our clients are our dedication. What makes us stay ahead of the rest is our endeavour to provide professional advice with personal attention. We advocate the notion, ‘clarity matters!’ As such, we are dedicated to providing:

  • effective and practical legal advice specifically tailored suit the unique needs of clients
  • a consistently high quality of legal advice and ready availability of legal resources
  • service excellence that develops strategic and business partnership with our clients
  • a working environment where people from different backgrounds can thrive

Corporate Social Responsibility
Our many talents go beyond just legal advice and services. We believe in “The right person to do the right thing” and we are proud to play a key role in connecting communities, clients and people by providing a multi-levelred support to the community.


The several projects we have undertaken include:

  • Education talks in schools, colleges
  • Working closely with local welfare organizations in socially beneficial campaigns
  • Providing access to updated legal information to students
  • Pro bono legal advice to the underprivileged community
  • Charity work, regular donations and active volunteering in non-profit activities by charity organizations




• 提供专业的服务
• 坚持争取客户最佳的权益
• 提供高效能的服务
• 达致及维持高道德标准
• 对社群有正面影响



在 HONG & FONG,我们以客户为本。我们领先群伦的原因是我们竭力提供全心全意的专业咨询服务为客户解决问题。我们提供:

• 依客户的独特需求提供高效率及实际的法律咨询
• 持续的高品质服务及丰富的法律资源
• 卓越服务及客户建立策略性合作伙伴关系
• 和谐的工作环境让客户宾至如归






• 在学校及学院主办教育讲座
• 与本地福利团体紧密合作进行社会福利项目
• 为学生提供最新的法律资讯
• 为弱势社群提供法律咨询
• 慈善团体的慈善活动、定期捐款及非盈利的义务活动