What We Can Do for SMEs


 What We Can Do for SMEs
  • Provide commercially-focused, value-driven legal and business services to private companies, business owners and investors
  • Commercial Legal Advisory Services from business-related contracts to the formation, acquisition, merger and disposal of companies and businesses, joint venture & other collaborative arrangements and legal compliance.
  • Project management of significant business transactions
  • Advice at board level on legal/ business strategy including risk management
Management service for the sourcing and oversight of other specialist legal services, such as property, employment, environmental and private client matters. This ensure cost-effective delivery of legal services and allows our clients to concentrate on running their business, knowing that their business’ legal issues are being driven forward , managed and protected by our highly calibre legal proffesionals.


    • 为私人有限公司业者,商务业者及投资家提供最新的商业法律咨询、高价值的法律与商业服务与方案。
    • 商业法律咨询服务,由处理业务相关合约到公司的组成、收购、合并及解散、联营及其他依法的整合安排等等。
    • 业务交易的项目管理。
    • 提供法律 / 业务策略包括风险管理的咨询。
    • 提供管理服务予其他专业领域的法律服务如产业、雇佣、环境及私人客户事务。