ISO Certified System

HONG & FONG is one of the first few law firms in Malaysia to have obtained the ISO (International Organization for Standardisation) certification. By virtue of the ISO system, our management system will be evaluated and reviewed from time to time to ensure the most appropriate and effective system is being implemented. Our continuous improvement of legal services assures our clients’ needs and benefits and ensure the highest standards of professionalism and ethics is delivered.

Client Satisfaction

We put our client’s perspectives, aspirations and needs as our utmost priority. Our broad range of practice areas and specialisms are focused on the pragmatic solution to the challenges faced by our client. Our mission is to assist our clients make the informed decisions in achieving a satisfactory outcome. We pride ourselves in providing top-notch legal services for clients who require advice and assistance in navigating the legal system of Malaysia. Premised on the clarity and safeguarding our client’s best interest, our ultimate goal is to deal with their legal matters as rapid and targeted as possible.

Extensive Global Associated Partners

Our firm has an extensive network of associated partners across the region of Australia, China, Cambodia and India. In view of the significance of globalisation, such associated partnership is viable to enable us to provide our clients with sounds global legal advice and services to the highest standards of professionalism and ethics.

Our Team

We recruit staff with distinct career experiences in order to provide our clients with extensive exposure to various perspectives, culture, business mindset and philosophies. Our team members have strong private practice credentials, an in-depth industry focus and thoughtful insights into the business cultural context. By bringing together a commercially and legally diverse team, we are able to provide our client with the innovative and business-savvy ideas and solutions.